How it started

We started our walks by having a cup of chai —  we created the vision for our tea parties on one of our daily walks. We talked about the vision and jumped right into it (literally, with no hesitation). Our partnership was the ideal combination because I, Sabaa, love to host and invite people over and Aisha has an eye for design and is a tea enthusiast. Believe us when we say that we love to drink, serve and make the "perfect" cup of tea.


Tea Party package 

Our tea party package includes the following items for a 5 hour rental period:

White Table Cloth + Runner

Custom Floral Placemats

Salad + Lunch Plate

Cloth Napkins

China Tea Cups + Saucer

Gold Tea Spoons

Candle Sticks

Fresh Flowers

Pink Thermos with Hot Water

Custom Assortment Tea Bags

Sugar Bowl + Sugar + Milk Jug

Purple Flower

Our Package Prices

  • 2 - 4 people-   $159 total

  • 5 - 8 people-   $259 total

  • 9 -12 people-  $359 total

  • 13-16 people- $459 total

  • 17-20 people- $559 total



We have curated our "perfect" add ons for your tea party. They are optional, of course; but will enhance any party :)


Food Package Add-ons

Chicken Croissant Sandwiches 

  • Sandwich Includes: large croissant with halal chicken filling

Charcuterie in a Pink Goblet 

  • Includes: pepper jack cheese, brie with raspberry compote, bread sticks, artisan rosemary crackers, mixed nuts, seasonal fruit, green olives, dried Turkish apricots, baby cornishons pickles, and mehjool dates.

Assorted Macaroons 

  • Flavors include: pistachio, coffee,  berry, vanilla


Hand Crafted Tea

Handcrafted Tea 

  • Yemeni Adeni Tea 

  • Pakistani Chai Tea 

  • Moroccan Mint Tea 


Custom Favors

Favor Bags 

  • 4 Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Specialty Tea bags

  • Brown Sugar Cubes

  • Custom "Thank you" Tag

Your'e Invited

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